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Meghalaya as an Educational Destination

Updated on: May 16, 2013

Meghalaya, one of the seven North Eastern states, has always been a tourist destination because of its scenic beauty. In addition to this, the Government has taken various steps to improve the educational system in Meghalaya. This results in Meghalaya, which is not only an exotic tourist destination but an educational destination as well.

Meghalaya has two universities, namely North East Hills University (NEHU) and Martin Luther Christian University, offering a range of master degree courses and doctoral research opportunities in humanities, commerce and science subjects.

Meghalaya has colleges and other technical institutes for various undergraduate and professional courses like management and computer education.

The free and compulsory elementary education till the age of 14 also adds to the educational development and increasing literary rate of the state. The literacy rate of Meghalaya which is 63.31% (approx), as according to the 2001 census, shows the newly emerging educational development of the state making it an educational destination not only for the students of north east but from anywhere in the country.

Educational Institutions

Institution 2002-03 2003-04 2004-05
Primary and Junior Basic 5659 5851 5851
Middle and Senior Basic 1041 1308 1759
High & Higher Secondary 601 654 711
Basic and Non-basic Training Schools 7 7 7
Teacher’s Training Colleges 2 2 2
Polytechnics 1 1 1
Colleges for Arts, Science & Commerce 44 48 54
Universities 1 1 1
Total Institutes 7356 7872 8386

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