Updated on: Apr 22, 2013

Using Windows without MouseComputer gURLs
WWWhat Kind of Surfer Are You?

If your mouse stops working, then what will you do? We are here with some useful tips & tricks for you to use your windows without mouse. Enjoy!!!

  • For opening file dialog box - Ctrl O
  • For opening new file - Ctrl N
  • For saving file - Ctrl S
  • For closing the document - Ctrl F4
  • For selecting whole content of the document - Ctrl A
  • For pasting - Ctrl V
  • For cutting - Ctrl X
  • For printing the document - Ctrl P
  • For cancelling the last function or undo - Ctrl Z
  • For finding anything from the document - Ctrl F
  • For clearing the selected part - Delete
  • For spelling snd  grammar checking - F7
  • For right clicks menu - Shift F10
  • For minimizing windows - Alt Spacebar N
  • For maximizing windows - Alt Spacebar X
  • For shifting between Windows - Alt Tab
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