NEHU Courses Offered

Updated on: Apr 22, 2013
North Eastern Hill University offers various post graduate, diploma and doctoral courses. Given below is the list of courses offered by NEHU.
  • Department: Commerce
    M. Com
    Ph.D. Commerce

  • Economics
    M.A./M.Sc. in Economics
    M. Phil. in Economics
    Ph.D. in Economics

  • Library and Information Science
    M. LISc.

  • Management (Tura)
    M. LISc.

  • Department of English
    M.A. English
    M. Phil
    Ph.D. English

  • Department of English (Tura)
    M.A. Education
    Ph.D. Education

  • Department of Garo (Tura)
    Ph.D. Education

  • Department of Hindi
    M.A. Hindi
    M. Phil
    Ph.D. Hindi

  • Department of Khasi
    M.A. Khasi
    M. Phil
    Ph.D. Khasi

  • Department of Linguistics
    M.A. Linguistics
    Ph. D. Linguistics

  • Department of Philosophy
    M.A. Philosophy
    M. Phil
    Ph. D. Philosophy

  • Anthropology
    M.A/M.Sc. (Students with B.A. background get M.A. and those with B.Sc. background get M.Sc.)
    Ph. D. Anthropology

  • Geography
    M. Phil
    Ph. D.

  • Rural Development & Agricultural Production (RDAP Tura Campus) in Rural Development and agricultural Production
    Ph. D.

  • Department of Environmental Science
    M. Sc.
    Ph. D

  • Biochemistry
    M.Sc. in Biochemistry
    Ph. D. Biochemistry

  • Botany
    M.Sc in Botany
    M.Sc in Plant Molecular Biology
    Ph. D. in Botany

  • Biotechnology & Bioinformatics
    M.Sc. Biotechnology (Choice Based Credit System)

  • Zoology
    M.Sc in Zoology
    Ph. D. in Zoology

  • Department of Chemistry
    Post-Graguate (M. Sc) Program
    Ph.D Program

  • Department of Mathematics
    M.Sc in Mathematics
    Ph. D. in Mathematics

  • Department of Physics
    M.Sc in Physics
    Ph. D. in Physics

  • Department of Statistics
    Ph. D.

  • Department of History
    M. Phil
    (Discontinued temporarily. To be re-introduced shortly)
    Ph. D.

  • Department of Political Science
    M. A
    M. Phil
    Ph. D.

  • Department of Sociology
    M. Phil
    Ph. D.

  • Department of Law
    B.A. LLB (Honours)

  • Department of Cultural & Creative Studies
    P.G.Diploma in Folkloristics (Two semester course).
    (ii) P.G.Diploma in Paintings (Two semester course).
    (iii) P.G.Diploma in Music (Two semester course).
    (iv) Ph. D. programmes in Folkloristics, Music, Visual (Fine arts) arts.

  • Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering
    B. Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering

  • Department of Information Technology
    B. Tech

  • Department of Education
    M.A. Education
    M. Ed.
    Ph.D. Education

  • Department of Education, Tura Campus
    M.A. Education
    Ph.D. Education

  • Department of Adult and Continuing Education
    P.G. Diploma in Adult & Continuing Education.
    P.G. Certificate Course in Disaster Management.
    P.G. Certificate Course in Research Methodology.
    P.G. Certificate Course in Adult & Continuing Education.
    Ph.D. in Adult & Continuing Education
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